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This is the most practical and amazing instant, pop-up cot out there. I don't know how any parent survives without the AeroMoov!

Before we got the AeroMoov, we were trapped. At 4/5 months old, Mila was too long for any sleep pod and too mobile to sleep in any pram or regular bed. Making a pillow fortress on a bed was not an option, as Mila would just deliberately try bungie off it, not understanding that she would hurt herself. We no longer could go out during the day over her nap times, go for dinner or visit friends and family in the evening without hiring a baby sitter. Of course, when you travel, a baby sitter is not an option and that means you are extremely limited to what you can do and when you can do it. We needed to solve this dilemma ASAP in order to get our lives back.

I REALLY did not want a regular camp-cot because they are often a pain to put up, heavy and massive - taking up the entire boot space of your average car. If you have more than one kid and pets, piling things on the back seat of the car is not an option. So, being a new parent and knowing absolutely nothing, I took to Instagram to ask for advice. I had an overwhelming response about the AeroMoov but the price made me hesitate...

I then decided to borrow other cheaper options (none similar to the AeroMoov as it is the only one of its kind) because I wanted to test out alternatives to make sure I didn't waste money. All the other options were either not practical at all or too constricting for my daughter. The AeroMoov was the only logical choice and so I placed the order online with Phrog designs - https://phrogdesigns.co.za/ .

It arrived just before the December holidays and it was a game changer!

Here are all the reasons why I love and recommend the AeroMoov:

- Pops up in a second (see video).

- Folds up in 2 seconds (see video).

- Foldable and comfy mattress is included (PU foam mattress, 3cm's thick)

- See-through sides so you can see your child when he/she is sleeping or so that they can see you when it is used as a playpen.

- It is super light, weighing under 5kg’s.

- The cot comes with a carrier bag which the cot and fold-up mattress slides into easily because of the stretchy sides of the bag. This means you never struggle to pack it away. There is still space inside the bag for a sheet, duvet, pillow, AeroMoov mosquito net and a little sleep teddy.

- There is also a nifty mosquito net which neatly clips on. The mosquito net works 100% unlike repellents. The mosquito net is at a reasonable extra cost. With us living in in South Africa, we use it every time. It works the best and I really recommend it.

- Structurally, the cot is safe and sturdy.

- It is very compact which makes it easy to travel with. Once it is folded it can be laid flat in the back of the boot or slide behind the passenger or drivers seat. The size is also practical, so you are able to fit it in more spaces when traveling or around the house - A clip-on sunshade is available at an extra cost. I haven’t tried this but it can be used to give your child shade if you choose to use the travel cot as a playpen outside or at the beach. - The cot also has two levels. A zip-on attachment comes with the cot which can be added on towards the top end of the cot (see video) to create a raised bottom. This means that you won't have to bend as low and you can have quick and easy access to your newborn. Once your baby can sit, you need to remove the attachment and go down to the lowest level so that your baby can’t fall out. Although you can use a sleeping pod or basket for newborns, they are mostly not conducive to mosquito nets, so this is when the AeroMoov comes in handy and keeps your baby safe from mosquito bites when traveling.

- Phrog Designs also sells a custom fitted sheet for the AeroMoov, however you can also tuck-in another general sheet, use a blanket or even a towel.

- At the moment the AeroMoov comes in three colours (go to https://phrogdesigns.co.za/ to see).

- Lastly, and very importantly, the cot has a 'secret' foot rest or foot area for you to slide your feet into so that you can place your baby down gently. Originally, I didn’t realize that I could stand on the material. I was trying to squat around the AeroMoov while uncomfortably bending over the cot and I often ended up dropping my daughter... so you need to make note of this handy feature they have!

With this recent discovery, I cannot fault the Aeromoov in any way! There is not one thing I don’t like or think they could improve on.

The many situations where the AerMoov has come in handy:

In December, we went away to the Garden Route for my grandfather's 90th. We put the AeroMoov beside our table in the restaurant and our daughter slept in it, safe in eye-sight while we celebrated. She slept in it every night in the house we rented, she slept in it outside on the patio while enjoying the summer breeze and she slept in it for day time naps when we went to visit friends. When staying in non baby-proof houses, I was able to pop her in the cot to play when I needed to do things. When we got home, I thought the cot would go into storage...I was very wrong. Sometimes our daughter spills milk, vomits or has nappy spills in the main cot which means we need to clean it properly. We then use the AeroMoov until her main mattress finishes drying. Another time, there was a power failure and it was super hot in her room, so we just put her in the AeroMoove in the coolest space of the house and she was finally able to get some sleep. My husband and I could not survive without this!

This is really worth investing in for your family, especially if you plan on having more than one child. I cannot recommend this enough! It is not like your baby gadgets such as the infant bath or sleep pod which you can spend a fortune on, only to use for four months. This cot will be used for 2-3 years and much much longer if you have more children. If you are under a strict budget, maybe consider this as your main cot as well, ask friends and family to donate to it for your baby shower or look at making budget cuts elsewhere because this really is helpful and gives you some of your freedom back.

The reason I am sharing this review now is because Phrog Designs happens to be running a 10% special on the AeroMoov from 14 February to 14 March so I think this is a great opportunity to get one of your own. I hope this review helps you!

AeroMoov Details


Cot • External dimensions (L x W x H): 130 x 92 x 63 cm • Sleeping area dimensions (L x W): 60 x 110 cm • Baby sleeping area dimensions (L x W): 60 x 80 cm

• Weight: Cot: 3.5kg / Total: 5kg

Mattress • Dimensions (L x W): 110 x 60 cm – adjustable to 80 x 60 cm with a zip • Mattress thickness: 3 cm

Storage Bag • Dimensions (L x W x D): 71 x 72 x 12 cm

Where to Purchase the AeroMoov

Phrog Designs: https://phrogdesigns.co.za/ .

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