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Baby Play Mat Review Update (2) | GADGET MOM

This is a needed update on baby play mats because I really want to help you make the best choice for your family. After experiencing the play mats for longer and with an older child, I have some updated information to add about the puzzle play mat as well as a new play mat to add to the mix. At the end of this review, you will have two highly recommended play mats to choose from.

In the last review I concluded that material play mats were not practical at all and I implied that the puzzle play mat and the foldable foam play mat were a close tie, with my personal preference being the latter.

I now can tell you that I am not a fan of the puzzle play mats at all! As soon as my daughter hit 5 months, she started pulling the puzzle play mat apart, peeling off the print (which becomes a chocking hazard) and began eating the interlocking edges. It is now a fun game for her which is impossible for me to stop as long as the mat is out. Last time I mentioned that the puzzle play mat is a mission to assemble and deconstruct, but something I didn’t mention last time is that you cannot use this play mat outside on grass, as the pieces sit lob-sided and therefore won’t interlock. With the amount of pieces you need to have a decent sized play mat, it can become very expensive. With all these extra cons added to the cons list on my last play mat review, in my opinion it knocks this play mat off my recommended list.

So, it looks like the only remaining option from my previous review is the foldable foam mat. But good news: I have another great option for you to choose from...

The Double-Sided Bouloo Play Mat

This is a classier version of the foldable play mat!

This double-sided foam mat has a more sleek finish, so if your guest area is the only space you have for your child to play, then it is very nice to have a classier play mat out when you have guests around. This play mat is smaller than the foldable mat, so it usually fits in most spaces. This mat is amazing as a permanent mat, yet it is super light and easy to move anywhere else in the house. But note that it doesn't fold up into a portable, compact carry bag like the foldable foam mat, but it rolls up like a carpet, so I can‘t imagine it being practical to take with you on an outing.

Personally, I absolutely love my new double-sided play mat. It looks classier and fits better in the space we have. I love having both mats, but if I could only have one of them, I would still choose the foldable foam mat because you get the most use out of it - it comes everywhere with us. It is so much better than a picnic blanket - when you get sand or grass/soil on it, it is much easier to quickly dust off. If you don’t plan on ever taking your play mat out with you, then the classier double-sided play mat will be great for you.

Here is a full comparison of my two favourite (and recommended) play mats. This should help you decided what is best for your family:

The foldable Bouloo baby play mat

Where to find these play mats:

Website: https://babyplaymats.co.za/

Email: info@babyplaymats.co.za

Instagram: @bouloobaby , https://www.instagram.com/bouloobaby/

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