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@curiouscubs_za customized activity/skills boards for your baby's and toddler's development are absolutely amazing for so many reasons!

I started eyeing out activity/skills boards when I was pregnant already.

After looking at Pinterest, I knew what I wanted but that is the problem with Pinterest - It gives you such a great idea, that you then can’t find anything like it.

I had seen many of the mass-produced activity tables, cubes and boards around but they really were tiny for the price you had to pay or they were not very aesthetically pleasing. Many of the tables are unstable, the cubes too small and both were a mix of toys that I already had for my daughter.

Since I had a lot of the common developmental toys, I didn’t want a mass-produced mini activity cube with another abacus or xylophone. I wanted practical skills and things that a child will need to learn - like being able to do buckles, zips, locks, turn a tap and switch on a light.

I came across that teddy bear with a buckle, button and zip, but it wasn’t very pretty and it was still not everything that I wanted. I didn't want to continue to buy 1000 things and have 1000 more to store - I simply do not have the space anymore! (If you're a parent, you know).

I finally came across Curious Cubs activity boards and I was finally able to customize a board the exact way I wanted; from the colour, to the bits and bobs and to the shape.

This is the end result and I could not be happier!


Diving into the board

I know babies like bright colors but I specifically had this board made for the next phase - so not your texture and touch phase but more for the curious mind of a toddler. I love the idea that through trial and error, through experimenting, that my daughter could figure out how to work a zip, a lock or a light switch without me having to even show her. If I need to teach her, all these thing are now grouped together at a level she can reach and in a safe space where she can keep practicing.

Even though my daughter is only eight months old and I chose neutral colours, she is still interacting with the board. Right now she is fascinated by the silver on the board, she loves the lock and the bell as well as the widget and light switch. It was important to me to have a zip, a buckle, tap and the lock on the board. Curious cubs suggested the light switch which I thought was a great addition and fit in perfectly with my plan to have a practical, “life skills” themed board. Another fantastic addition they suggested, was to print pictures, laminate and place them behind the door with the latch - I printed shapes, her name and pictures of the family and dogs for her to learn. You can also have your child's name on the board but I kept mine very neutral so that all our kids could enjoy this board one day.

The other parts such as the cloud with beads, cogs, wheel and numbers are all great additions in helping her development now or later down the line. I feel the board is relevant for a 6 month old baby and it will age with her for quite some time. My husband and I plan on having three children, so I know that this skills board will get plenty of use. You might notice I didn't choose to have a shoe lace or a clock which you often see on these boards. I just figured a shoe lace is best to learn on a shoe and that it might make the board look a bit messy. As for the clock, kids usually learn how to tell the time around 5/6 years old and so I thought that a clock might not get a lot of use on the board for a toddler, but this is the great thing about a customized board - each parent can decide what they think is more practical. There are so many other wonderful ideas of things to add to you board which Curious Cubs helps you with.

You will see I also have a boarder around mine. I think this gives it a gorgeous clean finish. If you have a look on Pinterest, you will see exactly what I mean. These board can become incredible busy and look messy, so a boarder really neatens it up and ties everything together. However, maybe you like the more rustic and raw look. The choice is completely yours when customizing!

This board comes with mounting hooks to hang it up against the wall, so your little one can stand and interact with the board. This has really encouraged my daughter to stand at 7 months and has helped improve her balance. You can also order a board with a stand. I didn't order one like that, so I wouldn't be be able to tell you which is more safe or stable.

My recommendation

I highly recommend this skills/activity board from Curios Cubs! It is great for your child's development and you can customize it to suit your home or child's room. You can add developmental toys or life skills on the board or a combination of the two. Best of all is that you can customize it to what you think is best for your child, what is age appropriate, or you can exclude developmental toys which you already have - unlike when you buy already made ones. The price from Curious Cubs ranges from around R900 to R1500. When you add up all the toys you buy, you might actually end up saving money this way.

I own an activity table, activity cube (they are only 30cm in height) and this Curious Cubs skills board and if I could do it again, I would have just ordered one skills board only or a giant, customized, table-sized cube from Curious Cubs with everything on it to help her stand and learn.

How to order from Curious Cubs South Africa

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/curiouscubs_za/?hl=en

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/curiouscubs/

Lauren's cell: +27 79 698 3957

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