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LTMC growth pack is filled with developmental toys and activities for children six months and older. It is fantastic for your child's development, super convenient, and best of all, it can be customized!

Some might say I jumped the gun on this particular growth pack, but if there is anything I have learnt about babies and toddlers, it's that they are a lot smarter and more capable than we think! My 8-month-old daughter surprises me everyday. There is a baby in her Bub Hub Baby Rock class that could throw and catch a ball at 8 months, and at 9 months show you where her eyes, ears and nose are. So the point I am making here is that we shouldn't underestimate what our children are capable of and we certainly shouldn't limit them. That is why we need to stimulate them and give them opportunities to learn.

A friend recommended some other R10 000 educational box for 5 years of your child's life. They had a payment plan and they didn't reveal what exactly was in the box. This did not resonate with me. Some of the toys that I could see looked old fashioned and I didn't like the fact that I couldn't choose or remove items that I want to get myself elsewhere, for whatever reason. So this is why when someone says "customized" to me, I am all ears!

I learnt that Light the mind creations (LTMC), not only sold individual developmental toys, but created customized growth packs. They specialize in educational resources, learning material and stationary packs. Their growth packs are designed to stimulate and help with your child's developmental growth in the early stages. They supply educational growth packs from 6 months and upwards and they range from R290 to R900 - which is great value for money. One can have a bespoke growth pack for their child each year.

The first 6 months, is mainly about sensory development in your babies - meaning textures, sounds and movement. I had slowly been buying things when I came across LTMC, so I had 1-2 things from the 6-month growth pack and the 1-year growth pack, but I knew this wouldn't be a problem because of their flexibility to customize - from individual toys to activities across a theme e.g. Dinosaur theme. As a parent, the list of toys you can get is so overwhelming and truth-be-told, none of us have a clue what we are doing - we really are figuring it out as we go. When it comes to the internet, it just gives you more choices and leaves you even more confused, so I love the fact that LTMC narrows it down for you and gives you a brilliant list of developmental toys for your child.

LTMC is carefully curated by Faatima Kara and her team of five. She is a certified Master NLP Practitioner and life coach. She has educational experience in Psychological counselling where she focused on child development. She is also a mom, who started these activities with her own children and then decided to share it with others.

Areas the growth packs can help with:

  • Fine motor development

  • Gross motor development

  • Cognitive development

  • Social and emotional development

  • Speech and language development

My customized growth pack

The box came with laminated instructions to explain what each toy helps your child with and also the different activities they can do with each.

My Customized growth pack is a lovely mix of the following items:

  • Educational books: My daughter loves to look at books and turn the pages. I look forward to when she will be able to point out the shapes, colours and animals in these quality LTMC books (I reckon it will happen pretty soon!). The instructions inside the box suggest further activities for you to do with the books and your little one.

  • Moving worm: Flexible and colourful worm for sensory play, exploring movement and exploring colour.

  • Musical rattle - Musical toys are my daughters favourite! They entertain her for hours and she even sings along, so this will make a great addition to her collection. Musical toys and rattles are great for their development.

  • Geometric shape plate stacker: My daughter loves to pull the shapes off of the rack but it might be a while until she can learn the colours and to place them back. I love how she can have fun with it now and how her interaction with many of the toys will evolve into something more advance.

  • Chunky shape puzzle: This is great for your child to learn the different shapes and colours while also helping with her hand-eye co-ordination when placing the shapes back in the correct position. LTMC also suggest how later on you can use the pieces to trace shapes and let him/her match them up which I think is such a lovely idea. You would think these ideas may be obvious, but you often don't think of these things as a first time mom and this is why guidance from an educational pack like this one can be so helpful.

  • Bucket of blocks: There are so many more things you can do than just show your little one how to stack blocks. LTMC provides several activities for you to get creative with the blocks and to help with your child's development.

  • Rainbow stacker: I like to show my daughter how each rainbow stripe matches a page in the colour book. Later on she will be able to explore the different colours and sizes, and see what she can build with them. By promoting independent play and allowing your child to be creative, it will bring out their imagination, develop their social independence as well as assist with emotional regulation. Time alone allows children down time, or time out, to relax their mind.

  • Worm finder/fish for worms: Fishing for worms with the rod can help with fine motor, hand and eye coordination.

  • Animal ring game: Learning to place the rings over the animal head can help with: hand-eye co-ordination, fine-motor skills and concentration.

  • Velcro file: This interactive, educational file might seem like the simplest of all the toys, but for me this was a huge selling point. Everything in this file can be reset and reused over and over again to teach and test your child. Shapes, fruit, vegetable, insects and animals are velcro'd to the pages for your child to peel off and stick in the appropriate places. Fun activities, like placing and counting the bees in a honey pot, linking common shapes together with a marker pen, and choosing fruit to put in your fruit bowl, are such fun, interactive ways for your child to learn. There are also little puzzles and colour matching activities. I think this simple file is something very special! I know my daughter is a bit too young for this, but I just had to have it in my house now before I could forget about it.

This growth pack really helps me know what to do with my child to help her learn. I think we will be able to share some special and fun moments together while learning and growing! I always question and feel like I am not doing enough to help my daughter, and this growth pack really gives me peace-of-mind that I'm doing the right things for her learning and development. With the all the options out here and the busy lives us parents lead, LTMC makes it easy and convenient to structure the educational pack that's right for your child.

How to order

Website: https://www.ltmcreations.co.za/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ltmc_1/

Cell: +27 76 545 2411

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