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The Snug Bud Review - The wearable hot water bottle | Gadget Mom

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

I highly recommend this! Although it is on the pricey side, it is 100% worth it and it will last a life time!


  1. Since it is a wearable hot water bottle, you are hands free. You are able to go about your daily activities while staying warm. We all know how sometimes a jacket isn’t quite enough.

  2. Stays warm for up to 8 hours. In my opinion the material they have used, makes it stay the perfect temperature - not too hot.

  3. Front wearing on your stomach which can really be great for stomach aches & muscle pains. Ladies, this is really great for period pains.

  4. Rotate it and wear it on your back which helps with back ache. Perfect for when your muscles seize up or for other aches and pains.

  5. Amazing pocket to place your hands in and warm them up.

  6. Adjustable straps all tuck in so it becomes neat and no straps are dangling

  7. Pocket for cellphone, cards, keys etc

  8. Looks fashionable. There is a whole range of classy and funky ones to choose from.

  9. There is a mini kids range

  10. Great quality material and safe

  11. Perfect for wearing around the house, cold commutes to work, cold offices, safari drives, fishing, horse riding, ski trips, models and actors with those early call times in cold locations... pretty much everything!

I give this gadget a 10/10

Go to their website for more details:


South Africans go to www.snugbud.co.za and can get it at a reduced price!


  • There are only 300 Snug Buds arriving in SA on the 16th of August, so it is best to pre-order as stock is very limited.

  • Get 10% off a single order using the code, "southafricans."

  • If you order more than one, you get a 15% discount.

Here is the video I did with them in 2019 which is how I discovered the Snug Bud.

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